Friday, 3 July 2009

Chicken Kebabs

We cooked out on the grill most of the weekend last weekend as it was just way to hot to heat up the oven inside. Until this heat leaves it's either cooking outside on the BBQ grill or inside in the crock pot/slow cooker. I made these kebabs and they turned out so good I thought I'd share what I did. They are sooooo easy to make. I also took our Pok Choy and threaded it on a skewer and it was nice too. Very simple and easy that's my kinda cooking !

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small chunks
1/2 red bell pepper cut into pieces
1/2 green bell pepper cut into pieces
1 large potato, not peeled cut into slices
2 tsp turkish seasoning
Oil to coat

I took my potato slices and put them on a paper plate and microwaved them for a couple of minutes just to let them get started cooking. Just watch them depending on how thick you cut them. You dont want them cooked to mush just the beginnings of being cooked so they are still firm enough to thread on the skewers. Take your chicken and peppers and potato and coat lightly with oil. I used sunflower oil you can use whatever kind you prefer. I then added all these into a ziploc bag and added the turkish seasoning. Zip it up and mix it around from the outside until all things are coated. You can use any seasoning you like. Cajun, Turkish, Lemon Pepper, oil and lemon zests, anything, the possibilities are endless. Let it marinate as long as you can up to a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Alternate the peppers, potatoes and chicken on the skewers and cook over the grill until done(or in the oven). It all depends on the temperature of your grill as to how long just watch them.

For the Pok Choy I just washed it, then lightly coated it with sunflower oil , sprinkled some salt on it and skewered it. It was really nice done that way.
Note: If you are using wooden skewers be sure to soak them in water first so they don't catch fire.

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  1. Love the idea of grilling Pok Choy!!