Thursday, 22 January 2009

Eddoes ~ a variety of Taro

A couple of weeks ago our local grocery store had something called Eddoes. Me being me I had to try them and I was not disappointed at all. They are a member of the Taro family. They are a small root vegetable, with an intense flavor. From what I read it said use them just like you would any potato or yam. I decided first to make mashed eddoe with some of mine. I cooked it in boiling, salted water after I peeled it just like you would a potato. You will notice when you peel it, it begins to feel kind of slick. Almost, like you are challenged to hold on to the slippery little stinker. But I did and chopped them up and into the pan it went. I will admit it got away from me a couple of times though. Then after I cooked it for appx. 15 minutes or until done. Then I drained them, added butter and milk and mashed them up. They make a very sticky thick eddoe mash. It's not bad. But for me it was different. A good different. Later, after I had already made these I read where you can just wash them, then boil them and peel them after they are done. Either way will work. With my last half of them I pan fried them in a little sunflower oil. They just don't brown. They don't no matter how hard I tried. I even added a little butter but they stubbornly refuse to brown. And I have to say an enemic looking fried eddoe wasn't the most appetizing. I think I'll stick to eddoe mash or maybe fritters.