Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Mini Meatloaf

I love meatloaf and my favorite way it to have it in little mini meatloaves. They're so easy to do and they're the perfect serving size.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease muffin tin. Okay let's make these things.

Mini Meatloaf
1/2 lb ground beef (ground mince)
1/4 lb ground pork
1 shallot or small onion minced up small
1 large egg
1/2 c bread crumbs
2 tsp parsley flakes or chopped fresh
1 tsp black ground pepper
2 tsp salt

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Topping for mini meatloaves
1/4 c tomato ketchup
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp white vinegar
Mix all together in measuring cup. Microwave for about 10 seconds just to heat the ingredients enough to melt the sugar.

After the mini meatloaves have cooked for 30 minutes brush the tops with the topping. Put back in the oven and cook another 15 minutes. I give them another brush on top and put back in for 5 minutes.

Yield appx 6 mini meatloaves

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