Saturday, 8 November 2008

Smokey Mesquite Sweet Potato Wedges

I’ll be honest, I am not a BIG sweet potato fan but when I want them, I want them. And every so often I just have to have them. And I prefer them with smokey mesquite over any other way.

Smokey Mesquite Sweet Potato Wedges

1 large sweet potato aka “winter’s super food”
1 large shallot or one small onion diced
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil (add more if needed for frying)
3-4 tbsp Durkee Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite Seasoning*
1 tbsp lemon juice (optional)

I take my sweet potato and cut it in half then cut into manageable wedges and then peel it. I then cut it into smaller wedges and microwave on medium high for at least 5 minutes. It may take more minutes in your microwave but better to be too slow than over cook it. I am just trying to get it “under-done”.

Once “under-done”. Add mesquite seasoning and a little oil to coat, just enough to make the seasoning stick to the taters. Pan fry the shallot until caramelized nicely. We want flavor here not “onion/shallot taste”. Then add your sweet potatoes to the pan and gently pan fry until golden brown and caramelised. At the end before you take them out of the pan spritz it with your lemon juice……… just makes it special.

I just love these little mouth watering gems. Let me know if you try them. They are nice served with sour cream.

* If you can’t get Durkee Grill Creations where you live I recommend using whatever Cajun or mesquite spice mix you can get from your local grocery store. I have used both.

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